Titan Throne | Good or Nah? (Android IOS)

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  1. Sell ​​two level 13 castles for anyone interested

  2. This style of gameplay sucks…. So no, it's not good

  3. Why not make players able to control units during combat? It is baffling to me. Let us control the fucking units during combat. The lack of this feature makes the game pointless. In a world in which Dawn of Titan exists, not being able to control your units during combat is inexcusable.

  4. It seems not as fun as Iron Throne

  5. how come I can't find it in Google play store

  6. Dawn of titans better than this game

  7. Looks kinda hard to me but im not game good at all. I think its a love affair. I see overlord, or one of many isseikai animes and wanna play a game like that. This game offers it some as i see your goblin. But i wanna see a real father of all type. A world of war craft type with millions of users that beginners can pick up and pros can advance but not destroy game handicapped.

  8. Look Titan Throne OST from my channel and don't forget to like and make a comment 🙂

  9. I can think of a better game with the same 4 races… Hmmm…

  10. Shit review from the first battle.
    WHY the fuck would you not want to watch the fucking battle?!
    The fact that the battle is that shit means I won't get the game!!!

  11. You should try star wars force arena.. it's like clash royal except you can control a leader and use special moves, it's a fast combat game.. really fun

  12. Same with battle warships.. they make it look like epic combat, but you don't do anything

  13. These games just look stupid. Other than setting up armies you don't do anything in combat.. just looks boring

  14. I have the game and I’m level 97

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