Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross: Extreme Super King Boss (Asia/Global) [1,396points]

Sorry for taking my time picking up cards. It was like my 3-4 attempts there.

Clear stage within 12 turn checked!
Apply dissolve on an enemy 4 times checked!
Use ultimate moves 6 times checked!


It’s not really big brain stretegy or anything. You just spam Green Elizabeth ultimate to fill up everyone gauge.  Then it’s just a rng on phase 2. If he has gold card or if he target Merlin, the whole run is likely going to fail.

-Other tips-

1) On 1st phase, Elizabeth’s rank 2 Punishing Strike and Escanor’s rank 2 Cruel Sun can remove all King Buff on the first phase. You gain extra points in doing so. Even if King use his ultimate on you, without his buff, the damage isn’t that critical. You can just heal with Elizabeth afterward.

2) On 2nd phase, King just act like Green King so if you use Merlin’s rank 3 Sphere Explosion on him, he will be less likely to land critical hits.

3) If you don’t care about score, it’s better to stack a bunch of attack cards before you enter phase 2. Then abandon defend and go all out attack on King.


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