Cheers and welcome to the newest series on the channel, “China’s Warring States Series”. In Part 1 we will take a look at the State of Jin near the end of the Spring and Autumn period. These are the events that became the catalyst for the Warring States period to come.

Chong’er who would become one of Jin’s most effective rulers, albeit one of the shortest…His father Duke Xian favors the offspring of a captured concubine named Li Ji above his previous children born of willing but separate concubines. Not content to merely displace his children Duke Xian wants to end their lives and devises scenarios to achieve this end but his children are cunning and manage to evade the troops and traps he puts in their path.

Chonger after spending 19 years in Exile evading a father and siblings hell bent on ending his life takes the reins of power and does more than any previous Jin ruler to correct the mistakes of the past. The reforms he enacts are pervasive and encompass both the military and non-military institutions.

“The Dynasty of Jin” – Records of the Grand Historian
“Master Lu’s Spring and Autumn Annals”
“The Grand Scribe’s Records Vol V: The Heriditary Houses of Pre-Han China

“The Han Palace Autumn Moon” – People of Ancient China
“Wuxia” – PeriTune

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  1. absolutely amazing, so refreshing to see such a comprehensive history of this criminally overlooked time period.

  2. being Chinese myself I think you need to work on your pronunciations more

  3. Didn't expect a good narrator

  4. Love your videos, it's nice and clear; but Where's part 2?

  5. I love china history during this period

  6. Really cool vid! Hope you can continue this one soon 🙂

  7. Like the video? I LOVE YOUR SERIES! All of your work is phenomenal!

  8. Very nice Video Thanks ❤️👍

  9. Is this the period the manga Kingdom was based on?

  10. Found out not so long ago duke wen is my direct ancestor! Can’t wait for part 2!

  11. Excellent video. Top notch. Please keep them coming!

  12. 🔥great video as always🔥

  13. NOTE: Had an issue with previous uploads of this video but should be corrected here! I will be resuming the "Persia Rises" with part 5 which deals with Artaxerxes. I had a blast with this one as I do with all these series. It's a lot of fun exploring history that isn't covered as much online and hope you enjoy it as I do!

    I tried my best to not over anglicize the pronunciations and while I am multilingual, Mandarin is a tonal language and mistakes are no doubt present but again did my best.

    UPDATE: OCT 27, 2019 – WOrking on part 2 currently but i want to ensure I do my best with the names. I do strive to do my best and looking back much of me wants to delete the first video due to those many mistakes but I will keep it online as a motivator for improvement. Expect the next video soon.

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