Of Dice & Men – D&D | EP 24 ft. LilyPichu, Koibu, & Mr. Mouton

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  1. Too bad they didn't get the fan of wind.

  2. "We murder ~sometimes, Viko." MrMouton stays killings me every episode this man was born to play DnD lol.

  3. I don't know why but there's an itch of curiosity coming from inside of me that wants to know what did Mr. Mouton say on 2:34:33 ?

    after a billion replays I understood that it was "500iq"………… f

  4. Been wondering why they havnt posted new episodes in a while. Weird that another channel was made (if this is even official)

  5. 18:47









  6. I honestly enjoy this too much, I directly listen to it compared to usual videos in the background. Please do more, its amazin!

  7. Bro the undead giant is probably the one nick made from HCH as Malikai lmao

  8. So I'm confused

    Is this channel affiliated with destiny officially? I'm assuming not given the number of subs.

    Why is this not uploaded to destiny's main channel if not? Thank you so much to whoever uploaded it in that case. I've been missing my ODaM!

  9. Can't wait to see how Nick and Destiny get along. Fucking love Nick. Such a great player.

  10. katerino was replaced in this debate

  11. Why aren't these on Destiny's main channel? I almost missed these new ones 9__9

  12. Powerful unknown wizard clutching his amulet and paying a point of con to upgrade his spell. Seems like a certain dimensionalist we used to know…

  13. Nick! YESSS. I love this cast even more now <3

  14. Oah my goddddddddddsdddddddd its NICK

  15. Thank you so much. Whoever puts this up

  16. destiny much concern for kitty
    also 2:23:55 FUCKYOURSELF

  17. It's always a pleasure to see Nick, but deep inside I was still hoping, that a new party member would be Gerald from GT&C.

  18. I havent seen all this episode or the next but itd be interesting if Nicks character is a Spy for the enemy.

  19. 45:15 Koibu's face 🙂

    "That's a lot of damage"

  20. Remove Kate's socials from the description and add Nick's. Also add Nick's name to the title.

  21. Love the recast 🙂
    I'm gonna miss Malakai, but it's good to see Nick here <3

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