LCAD | Accepted Portfolio 2019 + tips

this video is to document my experience in getting accepted to one of the best art schools on the west coast. Laguna College of Art + Design. this college is located right on Laguna beach California and is taught by people who still work in the industry with the top companies.

Tips on how to create the perfect portfolio:

1. include a good amount of studies/still life drawings. for example: drawings of things you see in front of you. you want to do this to show technical skill and also to appease the classical teachers.

2. include some art that includes your interests, your passions, something that interests you. this way they know who you are and your not afraid to express yourself.

3. include a couple pieces of work where you show the process of how something is made. include sketches of it, thumbnails, etc..

4. add original character designs or environment designs.

good luck if you are applying for next semester!


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  1. Great portfolio. Just wondering if lcad looks at weighted or unweighted gpa? Were your grades pretty good? Above 3.5 or 4.0? Not sure how confortable you are with sharing. We are just trying to get a general sense of what kind of scholarship our son might get if he gets accepted. We are not sure if we will be able to afford the college without one.

  2. Im applying to LCAD for fall of 2021

  3. Thank you so much for this video!! Congrats on getting accepted!

  4. Got accepted to CCA, but saw some things about Laguna a year back. Completely mixed up with Long beach so I never found it, until ofc yesterday now that I almost finalized everything for spring 2020 -.- Hopefully they will accept me

  5. Thank you so much for making this video! I’m currently working on my portfolio and am hoping to go next year too! 🙂

  6. omg I LOVE your art and your personality!! Im applying to LCAD for fall of 2020, its literally my dream school. CONGRATS on getting in!! I hope if I get accepted I'll get to meet you there ^-^

  7. Congrats! my sister is going to be there this year! maybe you'll meet

  8. Hi! I’m going into my sophomore year at lcad !!! It’s a great place to be

  9. CONGRATS!!! im a freshman in high school who wants to go to lcad- any advice for improving art (i am above average but not incredible :/)and finding your own style? great art btw!

  10. Congrats!!!!!!!! Gonna see you there!!!!!!! 💖🌟 Love your art! Hehe

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