Jump King – i HATE this game

epic leg reveal finally in jump king
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  1. i love how he slam the keyboard

  2. nie no chłop odpałił dlc za pierwszym podejsćiem'

  3. he's not getting over this one

  4. Who's still waiting for the part of this?

  5. My prediction to how the game ends is you get to the top and there is a hot babe. You walk up to her and it turns out she’s a hologram and god comes Dow from the heavens and calls you a simp. I’ll come back to this comment when I get to the end of video.
    Edit: game not finished entered the chat

  6. 1:48

  7. Watching his pain hahahahahahahahah

  8. Rose are red
    Violet are blue
    You play the game
    Why i angry too

  9. I die when i watch u

  10. i missed this kinda stuff from his channel, i hope felix finish anything he been doing this time and back making this kind of video 😀

  11. I know, you like this game 😃

  12. Algum brasileiro assistindo ?
    I don't understand almost anything he talks about, but his video editing is very good
    PewDiePie is amazing

  13. I love it when pewdiepie being a noob

  14. bois he told us the secret to his legs without even noticing and I big brain shall tell u the truth about the legs HIS LEGS ARE ATTACHABLE AND DETACHABLE heres le proof 2:22

  15. Art director name is felix

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