How to Print PS4 Game Cases – How to Make Replacement PS4 Cases

How to Print Replacement Game Cases for PS4 Games DIY

Have you ever bought a pre-owned PS4 game and was disappointed with the generic case? Do you have any loose PS4 games that need a case to call home? Well if you have these problems, I have a solution for you. You can go ahead and buy some PS4 game cases and then download the cover art for them and print out the game case art yourself and display the games proudly along side your collection. No more crappy looking GameStop preowned games cases. Make your collection look good again and check out this tutorial! I hope this helps you how to make replacement PS4 Cases

PS4 Replacement Cases Amazon –

Paper I used: Photo Paper Plus Glossy II –

The Cover Project (Case Art Website) –

My Printer:
HP Envy 7640 –
Color Ink –
Black Ink –

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PAB Games Merch –

ALL of PAB GAMES videos –

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