How to make the Game of Thrones – Iron Chair Cake Topper

This step by step tutorial uses only one main piece of baking equipment, the Katy Sue Swords Mould which you can find on her official Amazon page at –

The bulk of the chair has been made using simple techniques and no special cutters or templates.

I guide you through everything you need to know , explain at the end how to secure this onto your cake and remember if you don`t have an air brushing kit ( this only saves time) it can all be painted by hand.

Thank you all for your continued support, i have many more tutorials in the pipe line and will be back soon

Happy Baking Guys x

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  1. wonderful topper, ive seen some others were you have to cut the swords out by hand and they looked way more time consuming but that mould its brilliant and its one ive actually got YAH!!! hope your well xx

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