How Much Information?

How much information is there in Spanish vs English, you vs the world? Check out Audible:
Huge thanks to all the amazing people who made this possible:
Christina Ochoa – Spanish
Vanessa Hill – Filming
Henry Reich – Filming, cameo
Cara Santa Maria – Set design
Michael Stevens – cameo
Crystal Dilworth – consultation

Thanks also to MinutePhysics for wardrobe and lending the use of the amazing “Things to do when it’s really cold outside” video:

More on this theme to come in the main collaboration with Vsauce.


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  1. I'm not getting any of the information but I'm watching all of his videos because my boyfriend said so.

  2. Ohhhhhhhh ascii codes! I remember learning about those in school. I still use them when I need to use characters that are not on a qwerty keyboard (like letters with accent marks).

  3. 3:00 its bad luck to speak of this so called year

  4. About the ending, that's not actually true. Humans introduce an unknown variable. We redirect particles from their natural path of collisions. We ourselves do not move like waves and particles, we seemingly randomly change directions. Knowing every particle in my body will give you position, acceleration, all that jazz but that would only help you figure out which direction I was coming from, wouldn't actually help you figure out where I started when I started walking to that position or any prior positions. The same is true for signals in the brain, you might be able to fragment together the last signals sent by everyone's brains but you wouldn't know anything about it much prior to that(lingering energy might give you ideas about a few thoughts back but that's it)

  5. Please watch the great 🤯🤯 work on BAN CHINA 💥💥💥

  6. I speak both English and Spanish and it's a bit of a myth to say that Spanish speakers speak faster. Non-English speaking Spanish speakers likewise think English speakers speak too fast. There is no anatomical attribute that makes Spanish speakers speak faster. Same anatomy – same ability to speak the same number of syllables per second on average for all speakers of all languages. Language speed is not based on the language but rather the speaker.

  7. Henry reich was totally a suspense here.

  8. Speak in Latin, you'll see how fast it can get.

    Hablas? Do you speak?
    Qué haces? What are you doing?
    Qué harás? What are you going to do?
    I doubt your claim

  9. why would you multiply 1.5 x 10^13 … What about accounting for redundancy

  10. Vsauce's smile makes me wonder what was said between them🧐

  11. I coincedentliy rewatch this is 2020

  12. 3:13 So hear we are in 2020 with 40 ZB of information😌

  13. 1:34
    after 1 trillion attempts

  14. whaaaat ….. WHAT THE F************K
    I was watching a video of smarter everyday about sea turtles and he was saying that he has gone to costa rica to learn Spanish language , I then closed that video and started watching this video to find this dude starting his video by saying something about Spanish language


  16. I'm bilingual for these two languages, so the intro just basically destroyed my mind

  17. 4:20 two Gay guys.
    Not that anything wrong with that 😂

  18. in Chinese, it’s much more complicated than English for sure

  19. The smallest amount of information isn't 0 or 1. it's the knowing that this information exists. 🙂

  20. English speakers can speak fast too though.

  21. It is 2020!
    Time for the second part of the video

  22. Pace of life is a factor when it comes to how quickly someone speaks

  23. she's in fact speaking really fast tho XDD, I speak spanish.

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