Fantasy Eu or Fantasy Kotoura, which one would you choose?
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  1. 7:50 is the best fanservice i've seen in a while. Actually making big boobs look hot

  2. Kotoura-san was amazing, started with a good story and hilarious jokes, but…

  3. I see your a man of culture.


  4. This is some
    w e e b s h i t
    Right here

  5. shrtlink.ca/fistingpussy6301adiesxxx

    මන්දාකිණිවෙනත් විශ්වයන් ගැන කුමක් කිව හැකිද වැඩිහිටියන්ට මේවාට ප්‍රවේශ විය හැකි නමුත් කිසිවක් නැත

  6. I'm gonna need a cold shower before I go to jail.

  7. Death to perverts XD

  8. Manabe is the main reason why I don’t wanna watch anime in front of my parents

  9. 3:09
    Holy going super saiyen 3 be like

  10. That hairstyle
    Something Is not right i can feel it

  11. I always Think FBI Is always near my house Instead Of Thinking anything

  12. What about yosuga no sora???

  13. Ah our thoughts of everyday "man" of culture!

  14. 10 minute and 20 second of simp in anime

  15. Wtf is w kotoura san thats so fucked up

  16. Okay, are you sure that those are the only 2 anime that has hilarious naughty thoughts?

  17. 9:17 Well, well… You couldn't hold it.

  18. She never speaks, but have more than 20 voice actresses. (Thank you, Google.)

  19. That wild sheep! Thank you

  20. No anime
    No life

    Anime is my life ❤️💯🤍💪🏽

  21. 1:49 Pekora voice actor!?!?!



    This is some serious shit and we all know where this is going…

  23. 0:21 That kind face would say "out of my way you SOB" kind of like that..
    3:34 Give a thumbnail a Quid (1 British pound)

  24. In real world never we can do that .

  25. Why the hell thay can't let a man even have his fantasies?

  26. I just realized that the zombie might have severe brain damage from when he died

  27. 3:45 the boy seems like "anime" character, yah you know what i mean

  28. Kotoura-san in short, mind reading girl, a horny guy together

  29. A girl in an apron is every guys fantasy, when the 1950s, smh

  30. Hey can you guys send the name of that anime from 0:27, those two anime. thank you.
    Edit: also 0:28

  31. This episode underscores just how terrible it would be to try to hit on a girl who can truly read your mind. Boys would never have a single chance with her…

  32. He He boy 👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️🚔👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️

  33. 3:28 that was the cutest face I've ever seen

  34. Mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri Mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri mizugi oppai oshiri 6:32

  35. 0:21 IM GOING TO JAIL!!! :D!!!

  36. Sadly, imagination is not that clear 😭

  37. Actually, it's just 2 anime >:(

  38. all the intro anime please 🙂

  39. Does anyone noticed that each different episode of kore wa zombie deus ka? yuu as a different voice

  40. me watching this and saying that a girl in apron only is most mens fantasy that it is true
    my sis who have a brothercomplex on me
    FBI : open up

    ME : did i say a girl no no i meant anime girl
    FBI : move along ppl he got away

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