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Attempting a more custom print this week with a HeroForge miniature of myself and an ode to our local hobby stores.

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🎥 Episode Description
This week, we take a look at heroforge.com, a fantastic website for designing custom miniatures for use in table top games. The site is geared towards creating fantasy miniatures, such as 3D printed D&D miniatures, but it has some SciFi Miniatures options and even some modern/realistic clothing too!

To paint the mini me, I headed to my local hobby store, The Game Chamber, full of miniatures, models, cards, games and more… I picked up supplies and chatted with the staff about how they are coping with the pandemic and how they plan to reopen their gaming rooms, when they can.

This is NOT a miniature painting tutorial as I’m not good at it. But we do go over Zenithal Highlighting, what it is, what it does and why we should do it.

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  1. RIP Geekism the video game channel. All Hail Geekism the Miniature Hobby content maker. I bet I haven't played more than 10 games since I started getting into the minitature hobby full steam 3 years ago.

  2. I'm loving my vicarious new hobby. Looking forward to your Diagon Alley diorama (spoilers!). The shopfront you showed off on stream looked super.

  3. I'm really enjoying these!!

  4. Great video, enjoying something different as a Geekism subscriber!

    Good luck with the 3D modelling, as a game developer I use blender, (usually for low poly art assets, primarily a coder!)

  5. Oh man this is awesome! The Game Chamber brought me here! My go to store. Heck, its like a second home really! Hope to meet you in person soon! Also subscribed to your channel.


  6. Nothing wrong with having a gut, we work hard to get that Jonti 😆, or eat and drink hard 🤷‍♂️, also loving the vids, learning blender is one thing I want to try and get into, keep up the awesome work 🙂

  7. As a fellow Warhammer player its fun to see you learn how to paint, I've been doing it for years now its so rewarding when it's done. Great video mate.

  8. The small craft beer segment in this series is one of my favorite parts! I can't wait to get back to Toronto to try some of them!

  9. (wanders over from the main channel) The husband came in while I was watching this and said you can get a completely shaved head on HeroForge by selecting hair, then de-selecting it. No peach fuzz option though.

  10. Wow now that is a cool website and I might do that. Also your figure is very cool. Love the paint job you did.

  11. Talking about a shaved head when my first thought was "Wow, his hair has grown a lot already."

    When you mentioned hobby stores on the stream, I pictures something completely different. More like and arts and crafts store.

    Is Xander excited that you paint with him now? My technique would be more like his. I still have no idea how I'm able to paint my nails, but can't draw a straight line otherwise.

  12. Great vlog again! Can't wait to see the new features hero forge is adding with their new kickstater release. How tall did you end up making your hero forge character?

  13. The clip with Xander at the end was so cute. I've been meaning to check out my local hobby store, I have not been to one in ages and this video gave me that push I needed.

  14. Whoottt Black and Decker coffee? Can you cut the hedge with that?

  15. Great video jonti, really enjoyed that one 👍🏻👍🏻

  16. Really enjoying these vlogs. Loving the style you’ve done with them, music choices etc . And the Spag Bol looked delish 🍝

  17. Obviously talking about food on the live streams isn't enough, now you must show us cooking of food too! And as someone involved in roller derby, I couldn't help notice the derby girl on the obligatory beer can. Another great video Jonti.

  18. So cool to follow you along, must have been an awesome week. Keep them videos coming, but do take the time to make off video models. Enjoy

  19. Xander having some great fun making a mess there at the end 🤣.

  20. Very nice.

    There is definitely a feeling of satisfaction when making your own models, but don't let the desire/dissatisfaction of using someone else's models be a detractor.

    There are tons of models that have distinct styles and looks that you may look at and go "that's what's in my head" but it took them years to get to that style and design. You'll have your own, as will others. But don't worry so much about "uh, it's not something I made" and print it anyway while using it as motivation for continuing to learn.

    I struggle with organic, so I do Fusion 360 (practical prints), and my first actual useful model was… a tube with notches. It took me 3 days to get the way I needed it. I took every opportunity to say "we need something? Let me try and 3D print it", would research if something already existed, and if it didn't, Fusion 360 was opened. Now I believe I can do the same model in about 20 min tops. It's been a year (I did a double take as I didn't realize it's been a full year since I started modeling my own stuff), and I expect you'll get much better each week.

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