HARDCORE Mode in Session! – Skating With Manual Catch

It has been a while since I’ve played on hardcore mode a.k.a manual catch in Session. I used to only play with this back when the Session kickstarter build got the free flip mode where we got the chance to do crazy custom flip tricks as long as we caught the trick at the right time. It was great going back to and trying out for the first time in a very long time!

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About Session:
Inspired by the golden era of skateboarding, Session’s primary goal is to make you experience what skateboarding really is; an incredible culture where there are no other goals other than expressing your creativity and achieving success through hard work, perseverance and bits of madness for no one else other than yourself.

Be ready to play the most authentic and grounded skateboarding experience in the most legendary spots on earth, film and make the gnarliest skate parts out there.

True Stance Stick controls: skating is one thing, skating switch is another. Learn to skate like a pro in all stances with our unique and first-ever stick per foot control system.

Filming has always been a big part of the skateboarding culture. Session will feature an extended video editor that will allow the player to perform their tricks; edit, create a montage in-game and share

Explore the best and most iconic skate spots, starting with New-York which helped shape what street skating is today. Recreated on a 1:1 scale and supported by grounded and realistic skate physics, get the feel of what it is to skate the infamous Brooklyn Banks and our fresh twist of the surrounding financial district of Manhattan.

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This is “HARDCORE Mode in Session! – Skating With Manual Catch”.

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  1. Suss out my session videos <3

  2. to catch tricks, left stick or right stick in any direction… The thing is you need to disable the settings that allow for ollie norths and south in order to catch your tricks without ollieing north and south.

  3. Skater XL shits on this game hard lol

  4. Also I've found to stop that ollie north, landing flat with certain tricks is best to hold up on the left stick and down on the right stick at full pressure to avoid glitchy footwork

  5. I've been playing on manual catch as well I love it so much. I cant wait to see if they add multiplayer!!!

  6. The game is available on Steam for PC now. It seems like it is farther behind in what is available. No complaints though from me. I have waited so long for a game like this. I thought the Skate series did it well but this just blows it out of the water or has the potential to at least. Finding a spot and just trying to nail that trick is such a great feeling now that I am old and can't go out and skate IRL. Just waiting for a snowboarding game to be as bold because that was my real passion when I was riding in my younger years. Really enjoy your work here. Skater XL is broken for me, does not recognize my Xbox controller for some reason, but I am waiting to get in that game as well. GG!

  7. Can you play multiplayer in this game? If not, then its not worth getting.

  8. That 360 shove fromt foot is something that Jaakko Ojanen would do😎 check his part/skate clips. Hes great

  9. game sound weird sometimes

  10. I fw both skater xl and session. No need for hate.

  11. I like front/back foot, goofy, hardcore, manual catch

  12. hey men, very good your channel, consult. I have the game on the PC with acquiring a PS3 or Xbox joystick, can I play it?

  13. What is the difference in manual catch modes between skater XL and Session?

  14. Trick challenge!: Nollie back 360 heelflip to manual back 180 out?

    Plus once you get used to manual catch you can nearly change every trick. So many styles eccentricities

  15. Skater XL looks and plays 10xxxx better

  16. This game got me stuck bro so much creativity!

  17. Idk why ppl call it "hardcore" when manual catch is the way to play

  18. Anyone know if there is different foot catches you can do to make some steezy looking tricks

  19. Anyone else getting the landing twice glitch? Like your wheels bounce when u land? You can hear the landing twice in the game..

  20. Yo dude do u know what maps are going be in skater xl an how many on ps ?????

  21. If this a skating simulation I should be able to crush beers and smoke some tree before I hit the spot. 👌

  22. the manual catches actually look nice

  23. Hardcore is the only way to play

  24. i can’t wait to see where this game goes that’s one of the only reason i bought the game lol

  25. Why do skaters wear these khaki colour baggy chino trousers with skate shoes? iv seen a few guys wearing them. Reminds me of what my dad would wear. Regardless of that im gonna just buy both cause i love the skate 3 graphics in this

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