GoPro: Endless Barrels – GoPro of the Winter 2013-14 powered by Surfline

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from

Congratulations to Jamie O’Brien for his $20,000 GoPro of the Winter winning clip.

The GoPro of the Winter video competition asked surfers to submit their best GoPro surf footage from the North Shore. Judges Taylor Steele, Mike Prickett and Pete Hodgson selected this winning GoPro video based on cinematography, degree of difficulty of shooting, perspective, overall beauty and lighting.

Stay tuned for more GoPro videos featuring competition riders chasing waves around the globe.

Thanks to Surfline and all the participants on the North Shore:

Kamalei Alexander
Gavin Beschen
Noah Beschen
Benji Brand
Matt Bromley
Mikey Bruneau
Joel Centeio
Kalani Chapman
Kohl Christensen
Beyrick DeVries
Stephan Figueiredo
Mark Healey
CJ Hobgood
Stuart Kennedy
Barron Mamiya
Sylvio Mancusi
Makai Mcnamara
Josh Moniz
Seth Moniz
Jamie O’Brien
Drew Pringle
Kelly Slater
Koa Smith
Jamie Sterling
Eala Stewart
Miguel Tudela
Anthony Walsh
Chris Ward

Special Thanks to Drone Operator Eric Sterman and Pat Myers

Music by

Of Verona
A Million Billion Dying Suns “Plush”


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  1. the wave at 0:45 is featured on the large screens in the Honolulu airport where you check your bags and whatnot

  2. Me: and then a bitchass Great White pops outta nowhere 😂

  3. Was that Larry bertlemans son the second surfer with the fro?wickd barrels man!!!! Pipe is da best aye.

  4. You probably feel like aquaman doing this.

  5. This made me want to go learn to surf until I realized I love in indiana:(

  6. I love surfing. Just the thing is i have never done it. I always want to.

  7. wish i wasnt so afraid of the ocean :'(

  8. I wish i could start learning how to surf. It looks so amazing!

  9. No one gonna talk bout how clear and blue the water is?

  10. this is the only thing i wanted to do as a little kid

  11. 2020 I’m gonna become the best surfer.

  12. I love to surf it is like my own world right underneath me

  13. this…this is ….this is HEAVEN.

  14. i was there surfing when they were recording but i didn't bring my GoPro so i couldn't get any footage but it was narly

  15. Totally sick. Amazingly beautiful.
    One of the most fascinating vids I've seen.
    I can't imagine anybody not dreaming about being this guys for at least a few seconds.
    Thanks for those magic shots

  16. It has been 6 years but still this video means worlds to me. Whenever i feel detached from inner-self, away from my home i watch this. Music, shots, everything is perfect. Thank you 🙂

  17. 1:11 Ok. Do you understand how much water he is standing next to!?

  18. What’s the guy’s name is the beginning with the sick tattoo?

  19. This would be amazing to learn

  20. Those who wants to know the first song, come to me

  21. 1:50, profile picture for life right there!

  22. i dont even know why am i here im from a landlocked country

  23. Ok but like,why is nobody talking about this gold transition 1:00

  24. Heart beating just stops watching this

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