Full Chastity Device – Locked In Lust!

In this tutorial I like to talk about a full chastity device. It is a chastity cage which comes with a stainless steel butt plug that you can attach to it.
If this made you curious and you like to experience such a toy you can purchase it at the Fetish Online Shop EUFORY:
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More and more people talk about BDSM!
More and more people try it!
You don’t need to become a full dominant or submissive for ever.
You can just enjoy the variation!
Wouldn’t it be boring to be eating Pizza everyday!?
Why not try Pasta for a change or even something more exotic like Sushi?

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  1. Danke schön Fräulein Amalie, die chastity ist so schön und vichtig.

  2. Is there some girls watching this or is it just me?

  3. Please put me in this chained up gaged and watch her all day

  4. Hi Miss, you looking gorgeous and pretty, I wanna ask u something…

  5. You look amazing Ma’am!

  6. Can i have a session with you

  7. Schön erklärt, wie immer, sieht fast aus wie meiner.
    Da wäre man ja gerne dein Dekomodel zum Vorstellen.
    Es ist bestimmt schön dies in seine Spiele einzubauen und sich kontrollieren zu lassen.

    Danke und knicks

  8. Like señorita ama ya uso uno y es extraordinario me siento humillado y siempre hot sin poder escapar…. es increible….

  9. https://www.biltema.no/verktoy/handverktoy/sakser/boltsakser/boltsaks-2000016809

  10. Thanks for the video Mistress ! the chastity in the video is nearly the size of my own penis(about 5 inches), i don't think it will make me uncomfortable at all if i wear something like that, it might hurt a bit when getting an erection since it's curved downwards, but still i honestly don't think it will be hard for me to be locked for about 1 week ! Is there smaller ones and ones with spikes available Mistress?

  11. That thing is huge. I am throbbing in my tube watching you in those shorts

  12. could you do also a extended video about the ABDL scene? and the use of diapers not to humiliate but nurse…

  13. Шикарная Девочка красотка выглядит просто потрисающе

  14. It is hard to believe that such a nice and charming Lady as you are could be so tough. However, my sympathy for you is increasing. Thank you again for a interesting clips, dear madam.

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