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#FreeCCNA #CCNA #ImranRafai – Network Fundamentals – Day 1 – This is a Free series on Cisco CCNA. In this video lecture, Imran explains the fundamentals of Networking. He goes on to simplify the whole process of why we need a network and explains how they all work together in harmony.

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Older Exam Code: ‎640-802 CCNA
Old Exam Code: 200-301 CCNA
New Exam Code: 200-301

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  1. This series has been updated to the latest 200-301 CCNA. You can continue watching this video and proceed with the series as all new videos are added to the same playlist which will add the new topics which are part of the new CCNA. Happy learning.

  2. very helpful lesson, pl update more tutorial.

  3. Sorry boring..seems like u teaching to class 1 students

  4. Great work… Keep teaching… God bless you

  5. I recommend this channel as it is very informative, I followed this channel-along with to pass CCNA

  6. Thank you so much for the explanation.

  7. what is an access point
    also what it does

  8. is this playlist updated?

  9. Contact aditya for networking job 9088839300

  10. very detailed explanation and information see u around

  11. started today ur first lecture idea about networking..hope i will learn alot from ur lectures.


    Free classes for networking plz watch this vdo nd subscribe theis channel😊😊😊i hope it will fruitfull for all of u…..

  13. IS ICND 1 AND ICND 2 exam is still there for CCNA or we have to give only 1 ccna exam .i mean still we can give icnd1 and icnd 2 exam to obtain CCNA certificate.if we pass ccna 1 and fail icn2 then we have to give both or we can onoy appear icnd2.we will get 2 certificate or 1 certicficate on passing icnd both exam.if we fail do we have to pay exam fees again.plz reply.i am searching for it but i am noot getting the answer

  14. Hi Sir ,is these is old syllabus,or new syllabus can we consider these for carrier start now.

  15. learning networking in the marines! im excited!!

  16. My first day started .

  17. The videos are very helpful. Thanks a lot. God bless you

  18. HI Imran , is this the new syllabus ? kindly advice

  19. Is it now as per new new CCNA syllabus ?

  20. Good job sir, please upload a full tutorial for ccnp new version too

  21. This doesn't cover security and programmabilit

  22. Do CCNA Routng n Switchng come under this course ???

  23. you are one of the best trainers i have come across imran 🙂

  24. Is this an updated one as per the new syllabus

  25. 1KB = 1024 bytes, but 1 Kb = 1000 bits. :/

  26. Awesome video, I can't wait to watch the next video.

  27. Nice lecture
    Visit: and download free E-Books

  28. love your detailed elaborations of this course. it really goes a long way in my IT career. thanks

  29. Hi sir
    This is Faiyaz Alam
    I want to CCNA
    What to do sir give me suggest

  30. dear Mr.Imran thanks for your kind way of teaching networks. it makes me interest to learn about networks. insha allah i will learn it soon..

  31. how to ping a private ip from outside network, like internet?

  32. It's all brilliant explanation bro

  33. How to crack CCNA certification course

  34. your voice is really irritating as your accent is fake and too sugary. eeww.

  35. Thank you very much for your help and knowledge share with all us. I appreciate your great help.

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