Ep. 76: Boom-O Card Game Review (Mattel 2000)

A review on how to play the card game Boom-O from Mattel

oom-O is a simple elimination card game from the makers of Uno. Each player gets 7 cards in hand and three time bomb cards in front of them. Most of the cards in the deck either increase or decrease the timer total. Other cards include familiar commands such as Skip, Reverse, Draw 1 (or 2) and Trade Hands. Player discard one card per turn trying to clear their hand while keeping the timer total under 60. If a player can’t play a valid card, they must flip over one of their three time bombs. If a player clears their hand, all other players flip one of their time bombs. Whoever flips all three of their bombs is out of the game. Survivor wins. Subscribe to keep up with all the latest reviews and game hunts! #boardgame #ads #ads

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  1. A Really fun game

  2. There's a version WAY older than 5 Alive called O'no 99.

  3. I have to use American Sign Language to sign how to play this game so this is really helpful!!! Thank you!

  4. So of the 4 very similar games, which is your favorite: Boom-O!, Sorry! Revenge, 5 Alive, or O'No 99?

  5. When player 3 blew up what happens next? When a bomb card is played can yu play a lowering time card like a 30 or is playing a snippy a MUST?

  6. Need you to review Sorry cards and Sleeping Queens for me tks.

  7. What's the other game you said besides Five Alive?

  8. i played this game a few timea

  9. I remember this one being pretty fun.

  10. That looks like fun

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