Elliptical Pool Table – Numberphile

A game to play on the elliptical table:
More links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓

And more extra footage:
Alex Bellos’ Loop Table website:

Alex discusses the topic in his book Alex Through the Looking-Glass (UK) and The Grapes of Math (US)…

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  1. His shirt is the same pattern that you get when you press on a calculator screen

  2. Welp, goodbye Youtube Compression. It was nice knowing you.
    What a tragedy, slain by a lone vest!

  3. What about a tilted (90 degrees to the axis of symmetry) paraboloid? Release anywhere from rest and provided the built up speed is sufficient…. and the reflector to pocket is not sloped…… and………. ?

  4. If the ball could travel infinitely far would it eventually cross a focus point and go in the hole?

  5. Him: Annoying physics
    Me: Shocked

  6. Thumbs for that slow motion rim roll alone!

  7. imagine it just rolled back out of the hole

  8. But is there a table shape where it is impossible to hit the hole with exactly one bounce?

  9. I have the commercial version, sold as "Elliptipool".
    Anyone want it?

  10. you can also demonstrate this with a mylar elliptical wall and a laser pointer

  11. If he can't get it to go in it's undoubtedly because he's got too much English.

  12. thanks for showing me this, now I want to play on it

  13. Try spin and english shots

  14. jajaj severo!

  15. Numberphile : i won’t get this first try, its really hard
    also Numberphile : nails it first try

  16. the chinese government is flawed and corrupt

  17. use small sized ball and big sized hole to increase accuracy and to supress errors in the travelling path of the ball due to friction, force absorption by the table wall at hitting instant, etc

  18. What is the point to this video . ??

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