Creating a BIG BAD BOSS in Pixelart



I’m Pascal a Dutch independent game developer since 2004 known as Orangepixel. I talk about my games, my days and my experiences. Follow me? I post a new video once a week.

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  1. Wonderful pixel art tutorial. It's amazing how you brought this giant creature to life using only 2 frames.

  2. Do you plan targeting retro platforms like sega genesis/megadrive. I work with these if you ever consider doing so. Great games 🙂

  3. Fascinating. Love watching you create your art. This is a day one purchase.

    I've been playing a retro vertical shmup on mobile recently, and I know that you've done a horizontal shmup many years ago, but, as a big Orangepixel fan, I was wondering: have you ever considered another shot at a retro shmup? In particular, a vertical one, which I think is more suited to mobile gaming. I think it'd be great.

    Also, this: the number of sales you have on Android for GS3 is simply not right. 100+ DLs? Is that right? And some other steaming piles of PTW rubbish sell over a million? There is certainly no justice in the world.

  4. Eugh, Heissenbugs are the worst!

  5. Great work! Good note on the correlation of traditional vs digital/pixel art. You do make it look effortless though . 🙂

  6. I think soul knight is a knockoff of your game pascal. they remind me of that guy from build box, with his mantra "model and improve.etc

  7. Very interesting, I like the "flow" of the game very much. I know you said technical stuff / programming has no big audience but I'd like to see you do some coding again ! 😉 Perhaps something with how your AI battle system works ? 😉

  8. The photo of the horror game from game jam you showed looks great! I was also searching your channel and saw a prototype for a beat em up with a character looking like he's ash from ashworld. I wish there is a beat em up in the future someday from you as much as i would want a horror game.😄

  9. Thanks for doing this video, just going through the process helps me learn.

  10. Its meeeee jackaboyyyyy and its nice to hear ur making and end boss cant wait to play it on release 🙂

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