Big Bad Bosses [B3] | Egg Man Official Music Video

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Big Bad Bosses Egg Man Music Video, ft. Jake Kaufman, Jirard, Alex Faciane, Satchell Drakes, and Nate Sharp! Grab the Power Overwhelming album today. Stay until the end of the video for a special announcement!

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Director – Aaron Umetani
Camera Operator/Gaffer – Michael Schmidt
Producer – Michael Barryte
Costume – Angi Viper
Hair & Make Up – Taja Denay Davis
Choreographer – Jennifer Galasso
Art Department – Amanda Flagg

Big Bad Bosses is:
Alex Faciane (The National Dex and Super Beard Bros) –
Satchell Drakes (Satchbags) –
Jake Kaufman –
Nathan Sharp (NateWantstoBattle) –
Jirard Khalil (Completionist and Super Beard Bros) –


Enjoy our Big Bad Bosses Eggman music video? Watch B3 Angel here!


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  1. Hopefully you think this music video is EGG-ceptional!

  2. This is a great song to jog while dancing to.

  3. Many chickens were harmed in the making of this EGG!

  4. Awsome Beatles reference @ 2:25 btw 😁👍

  5. and no music videos for big bad bosses were ever made again

  6. I guess Sephy isn't in this one because Nate didn't want to be shirtless

  7. The reason why Sephy wasn’t there was because he busy with FF7 Remake

  8. Isn't eggman his middle name

  9. Anyone else feel like G-Cash is questioning his like choices during this song?

  10. I am honestly in love with this dang song.

  11. I love how you can hear angel in the background of the call with sephy

  12. Are you guys still making music?

  13. Like how sephiroth is sephy

  14. i thought id hate this and found to fcking love it

  15. It's criminal this never even saw a million views.

  16. Hay que tener huevos para hacer tan maravillosa cancion…literalmente

  17. Anyone else coming back here in 2020 just to listen to the song and watch the vid, also silently hope for the second album to drop?

  18. Big Bad Bosses vs Last Chance to Save.
    Backstreet Boys vs N'Sync

  19. Eggman that means he's made of egg pfffff hahaha hahaha

  20. I got this recommended on Easter neat

  21. U should give everyone a redesign cuz u gave bowser a new look but everyone else looks the same and its kinda bothering me i know bowser design is difficult to use but still also i like the design u used for him the look gives him a realy big vilain look the othet one just made him look like a motorcycle rider also u should make a music video of how they all met and have it so that eggman made a portal to teleport sonic to space but exedently made it go to alternate games and made a team with them and mutated bowser

  22. Wow, the Sonic movie looks great!

  23. Thank goodness you guys remembered that commas save lives with the cookbook lol

  24. Was kinda hoping they'd be making hedgehog stew

  25. Animal crossing right now.

    Got a fish pole, made it from sticks
    Going bobbing, gonna catch me slicks
    Fishie biting, pull up the line (surprise)

  26. This is so close to Weird Al's style, I would love for him to do a cover on this!

  27. Me after getting my 1,000,000th Bunny Day egg in Animal Crossing.

  28. Is this heaven? 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  29. I just realized that while they were calling Sephy the chanting part of Angel was playing in the background

  30. I refuse to thing that this is over 1 years old

  31. “album #2 will begin being produced later this year”
    Almost 2 years later waiting for a now song
    But idk how long it would take to make it

  32. This video is so cool, idk why there aren't more people talkink and sharing this.

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