Battle Shots with Johnny Knoxville (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Jimmy and Johnny play a game of Battleship, but any correct guess forces the opponent to take a shot of tequila or beer.

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Battle Shots with Johnny Knoxville


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  1. i remember this game in

  2. Plot twist. Johnny added horse semen to the shots

  3. I love battle shots call game too

  4. If they played it correctly, Jimmy would've been black-out drunk in 10 minutes

  5. Best drinking game ever

  6. F3 is a hit
    everyone: damn
    Johnny Knoxville: Thank you!

  7. I thought it was water for tequila and apple juice/tea until I saw Jimmy's face at the end XD

  8. Johnny Knoxville:Put on sailor hat.
    Me:Here we go
    Johnny: Hi I’m Johnny Knoxville welcome to the Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

  9. Wait the moments. The western is thia game is playing that? We in Russia is playing not that. One player is going do miss. And next play is apponets.


  11. Whats the funny guys i dont understand everyone’s laughing but i am just like what the shit is happening 🧐

  12. Bikin gini di tonight show indonesia @netmediatama @tonightshownet minumannya ganti jamu

  13. Why was so little ships?

  14. i remember when using just paper on this game 😂 in middle high school

  15. Jimmy looks like he’s never had a drink and Johnny looks like this is a normal day

  16. I want to see the full episode now

  17. Promoting alcohol but imagine the outrage if it was smoking a joint.

  18. Dear god I got a coming out to be gay/lesbian documentary ad 😞

  19. I think you should play that game once every week and I think you should invite me to come play it with y'all rather it's on the show or not LOL good show

  20. Man they drink a mexican vodka when they miss! I love the game🤪

  21. What does Johnny mean when he says “hug me”

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