A single 64-man Operations bomber gunner game on PC. Three rounds of defense on Fao Fortress totaling 202 kills.

Given that this video has been seeing a lot of traffic lately, I thought I’d address some common questions I am seeing on not only this video, but on threads like the Kotaku article that probably brought you here.

Many people are questioning how I can see the enemies on the ground. You have to understand that source video quality is compressed once uploaded to YouTube. As a result, enemies in trenches or behind cover might not seem as obvious to the viewer. In addition, I am running a 144hz monitor paired with a GTX 1070 and Directx12 enabled. I play at ultra graphics and with all shaders enabled. I usually run the game at approximately 100 fps at all times and with an increased brightness on my monitor. These, combined with the 3D-spotting mechanic in BF1, allow me to easily track and shoot at targets with the bomber gunner position.

I have been coordinating with friends in aerial vehicles since the Bad Company 2 days. My same friend in this video always flew attack helicopters and I gunned for him. I perfected gunning in helicopters in Battlefield 3, as I was #1 on Xbox 360 for UH-1Y Venom (the transport helicopter) kills in the United States. So, as you can see, when I picked up Battlefield 1 and discovered the bomber had a gunner position, I was essentially a natural at it.

Lastly, I was around #30 in the world across all platforms for bomber kills before receiving an unwarranted ban from EA’s FairFight. I’ve used the gunner position so much now that it may seem like I am “aimbotting,” as so many viewers have claimed me to be. The thing is, I know exactly how to lead and position the cursor to account for gravity in BF1. Also, the bomber gunner does 22 direct damage to enemies (or if the rounds land incredibly close). So, you’ll see me firing 5 shots and quickly switching targets because I know the target I just fired at is going to die.

Hopefully, this convinces you. If not, I genuinely hope that you reconsider your opinion. I hope to be back playing this game in the future.

Pilot: xTDGxMuffin
Video editing: xTDGxMuffin


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