🔧How To Fix 100% Disk Usage On Windows 10 ✅ | Fix High Disk Usage In 2020 Update

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Fix High Disk Usage In Windows 10 After 2020 Update✔️

Codes 🔽

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powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

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⛔NOTE: All The Steps Are Done At Your Own Risk. I Recommend You Create Restore Point On Windows Before Doing All The Steps

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  2. what does the last reg value do exaclly?

  3. Under registry, in PCI i dont have the same folders as you do. How to I identify the folder that needs to be changed from 1 to 0?

  4. thank you its working for me

  5. Disabling Sysmain usually works. Go to Services- Stop Sysmain- click and go to properties and change to Disabled.

    Works for most machines!

  6. you’re great bro, helped me a lot! greetings from brazil

  7. Still the disk usage is 100%.

  8. It did work for me thanks I been loking for this solution almost a year thx my dude❤ +1 sub

  9. my pc run into a problem when i restart :/

  10. It didn't work, I hate you, more than Hitler f u

  11. Safe for laptop ? Please reply

  12. Big thanks to u man my problem fixed

  13. #trimors bro i cant find the register edit section that pci under there are so many files so how to choose which one ??? can u help please

  14. Is it normal for my pc to crash at a 100 disk usage

  15. hey bro when I tried to disable windows search it says system error 5 what should I do

  16. Guys don't do it your Pc will run out of problem

  17. Don't use Ultimate performance if you have low end pc or laptop as its gonna make your cpu use 100% of its power constantly and it will make your device run badly

  18. When i try to disable windows search it shows: system error 5 has occurred. Access is denied

  19. this problem only in Win 10 ,
    and I install win 7

  20. Every tutorial should be like this one. Simple and helpful

  21. Nonsense video more noise than content

  22. I did exactly the same and now I cant turn on my laptop blue screen is showing and it says my pc has run into problems Pls help

  23. bro increasing page file does not make the computer run faster. it's more imperative to upgrade your RAM Usually, Windows takes good care of your page file
    Having a larger page file is going to add extra work for your hard drive, causing everything else to run slower 🙂

  24. ahm trimors can you fix youtube stopping in a second and make a optimation for low end pcs to run like high end please trimors hope you make a tutorial about that please

  25. My laptop turns into black screen after restarting can anyone help me?

  26. not work in my asus a456u laptop

  27. it put mine from 100% to 95% lmao

  28. Awesome thanks a looooottt definitely on my sub list

  29. When i scanned my hard drive it said it needed to be repaired?

  30. System error 5 has occurred. pls help

  31. If you use honeygain, they can see everything you do.

  32. Last process not show in my pc

  33. THIS LITERALLY BROKEY PC, messing up the registry won't help you guys. after you restart your pc probably won't boot up

  34. Dude can you help me? Im already following your step but my ASUS Smart Gesture doesn't work at all… It's so frustating pls help

  35. Cannot find the specific register entry. What to do?

  36. If your disk space is high for no reason, check your windows updates and make sure that it didn't pause or error. If it does, try installing the update again

  37. the reason im getting an external ssd is because when i game im getting 100% disk usage. Ive disabled windows search, superfetch. prefetch, storage sense, msi mode to 0, and countless other options and im left with getting an ssd. Plus i dont have alot on my pc as i reinstalled it hoping it would fix the problem, so currently im at 740 gb free of 930 after installing my game to my hdd, which would of been enough if i had to put it on my ssd. Im thinking maybe i should just install the game i play to the ssd in hopes that stops the 100% disk when gaming maybe?

  38. Bro I am not able to type anything on my windows search what to do

  39. Okay I went through all the stages other than the last as I couldn’t find that file, il update how it goes. As I was doing it I did notice it getting progressively smoother

    Update: Still on 100% 🤧😫

  40. Disable the SysMain service. That’s pretty much the fix.

  41. Dont diable windows search

  42. it helped a lot man before my disc stopped just 100% now it varies man!

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